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What is Job5ync?

.job5ync aims at providing useful information and tools for job applicants. Information is collected through the crowd (of users, employers, employment agencies and other public web sites).

Job5ync has no business relationships nor interest with any of the employment market players. It is an independent player and will, in no way, get involved in employment processes.
Its sole aim is to give the most clear insight to employment market at a given moment by providing aggregations and analysis of publicly available data.

Job5ync elements

Employment market has greatly evolved in the past ten to twenty years
Today's young workers no more know about their parents and grand-parents' stable / durable jobs in which you stay for a whole life!

Employers approches changed too. They now more often search for workers whose skills can match a required task for the limited period of the given task. The 'Human Resource' department role consequently changed!

In this spectacle (according to job5ync current vision!), players can be classified in several areas:

  • Sources of employment demand: more often called 'Final client' or 'Beneficiary'.
  • Sources of employment availability: employment agencies (recruiters).
  • Eventually, umbrella companies whose role is to arrange the administrative part (contact, payroll... etc.)
  • And, finally, the worker! (job searcher): (the main target entity of this site!)

For each of the above players (most importantly the worker!), a successful job search process greatly depends on the available information about the request on hand and about the other players too!

Fortunately, each job search process has history. And as the contracts are more often short-period, the process is repeated more frequently, adding more events (and information) to that history.
To give a concrete example of a single job search individual (the writer!): over 15 years, we can find 9700+ processing events, for approx. 4990 applications related to approx. 1690 players (mostly agencies) of which approx. 1600 have recorded legal and business information.

Aggregating the history process of several individuals and players can thus be quite insightful for everyone.

Job5ync - how to

main page

The page is devided into three main areas:

  • The header on top: with the language seletction box in its rightmost. Select your preferred language here!
  • The left part display the site menus. Click an element to access its feature.
  • The middle of the page displays the selected menu feature.

Job5ync - what is next?

Job5ync is still a work in progress.

What you see right now is a collection of demo pages to show you sample data and some of the benefits Job5ync can bring to you

Once you feel that Job5ync can be useful to you, you can sign-in to create your own account. Joining the Job5ync community you will be able to:

  • Search and get detailed information about available employment players (agencies, sources, umbrella companies...) and provide yours (only what you decide to share) to the rest of the community.
  • Create and follow up your job applications in light of the information obtained.
  • Create work groups and share applications and processing history with members of your groups

Signing-in is free, and only a minimal set of your information (to identify you and keep your information safely in your own workspace) will be requested.